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A letter from
Ryan Jacobsen
CEO, Fresno County Farm Bureau

Show your support for Temperance Flat Project!

Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley, along with every one of us who live and work here, have reached a deciding moment in our decades-long quest to develop and construct additional surface water storage facilities. Now, each of us needs to step up and help make it a reality!

Temperance Flat Reservoir would be located on the San Joaquin River in the foothills northeast of Fresno. Its dam would actually be located in the upper portion of the Central Valley Project's Millerton Lake. It would be a huge project, creating an additional 1.26 million acre-feet of water storage. That would add up to 1.78 million acre feet or be 3.4 times the existing capacity in Millerton Lake behind Friant Dam. It is critically needed.


We're asking you to reach out by letter to those in Sacramento and let them know why Temperance Flat is so important.

It is important that you write your letter in your own words using all or some of the points listed below!  Click here to see FCFB's letter. 

Please write and mail or e-mail letters to members and staff of the California Water Commission, the agency that will make the decision on whether or not water bond funding will be made available for Temperance Flat.

The California Water Commission and its staff need to know that the valley favors and vitally requires this project. Tell them that Temperance Flat must be funded and built to:

  • Help address the broad negative effects of California's water supply crisis on the valley, which requires much improved surface water availability and reliability south of the Delta - as Temperance Flat's 1.26 million acre-feet of storage would provide - for use by valley farmers, residents and businesses.

  • Capture high flows as they are occurring in big water years with surface storage that will permit capacity for gradual conveyance and percolation without which implementing and meeting the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act's mandates will not be possible.

  • Greatly improve San Joaquin River flood protection and minimize flood release water losses to the ocean.

  • Provide San Joaquin River environmental enhancement water.

  • Tremendously increase overall regional water management and supply flexibility.

Here is who to contact, by e-mail or U.S. mail, with your comments attention to:

California Water Commissioners and Executive Director


California Water Commission

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, California 94236-0001


Mr. Joe Yun, Executive Director

California Water Commission

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, California 94236-0001


If possible, please provide copies to FCFB at info@fcfb.org or 1274 W. Hedges Ave., Fresno, CA 93728

Pictured Above: Directors Jerry O’Banion, Merced County Supervisor; Vice President Buddy Mendes, Fresno County Supervisor; Victor Lopez, Orange Cove Mayor; David Rogers, Madera County Supervisor; Doug Verboon, Kings County Supervisor; Steve Chedester, San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority Executive Director; President Steve Worthley, Tulare County Supervisor; Robert Silva, Public Member, Councilman; and Alvaro Preciado, Avenal Mayor

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