Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir would be located in the upper reaches of Millerton Lake. The new reservoir would extend upstream to Kerckhoff Dam, between Auberry and North Fork. Temperance Flat has been under consideration for decades. The proposed project’s site, several miles upstream from Friant Dam, was the location originally studied for a Millerton area reservoir in 1930. The present Friant Dam location was selected to reduce what would have been additional development costs for the much more remote Temperance Flat Dam location. The proposed site is within the upper reaches of Millerton Lake, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Fresno.

Who is the Temperance Flat Reservoir Authority?

Five years of record drought demonstrated all too well that California needs to find ways to save more water for our state’s inevitable not-so-rainy days. That’s what Central California’s newest water agency was conceived to do. Five counties – Merced, Madera, Fresno, Tulare and Kings – took the lead and formed the SJVWIA. They were joined by cities, water districts and an Indian Tribe. All bore the brunt of massive reductions in valley water availability between 2008-16. The TFRA has always recognized water storage proposals will be controversial, difficult and expensive. However, having already seen what happens when water supplies run dry for so many San Joaquin Valley people, we simply can’t afford not to make such an investment.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Steve Worthley


Tulare County Supervisor

Jerry O'Banion


Merced County Supervisor

Alvaro Preciado


Mayor of the City of Avenal

Buddy Mendes

Vice President

Fresno County Supervisor

Doug Verboon


Kings County Supervisor

Steve Chedester


San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

David Rogers


Madera County Supervisor

Victor Lopez


Mayor of the City of Orange Cove

Robert Silva

Member at Large


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