“Banner Day” For Temperance Flat

August 14, 2017

The Temperance Flat project has taken a big step toward becoming a reality. A formal request to ask for $1.3 billion of state funding is now signed and awaiting consideration by the California Water Commission.

Valley leaders request $1.3 billion for Temperance Flat Dam

August 14, 2017

FRESNO, Calif. - Today valley leaders achieved a major milestone in funding Temperance Flat Dam. Today they officially requested state funds to build it. The 1.3-million acre foot proposed dam would be built on the backside of Millerton Reservoir. 

Temperance Flat Dam investment will pay off for California by Joaquin Arambula

August 13, 2017

The winter of 2017 was a gift in many ways. Not only did it bring desperately needed water to California and end a statewide drought emergency, it highlighted the need to build more surface water storage projects like Temperance Flat on the San Joaquin River.

Supporters push to build Temperance Flat Dam

August 14, 2017

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tulare County Supervisor Steve Worthley signed a document asking the California Water Commission for $1.3 billion to help build Temperance Flat Dam above Millerton Lake.

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Temperance Flat

The decision to move forward with Temperance Flat is now in the hands of the California Water Commission. As the commissioners weigh data during their decision making process on Temperance Flat receiving state water bond funding and support, it is vital to our project that they hear from our supporters.

Please take a few minutes and use some of the information we’ve included in the attached sample to write a personal letter or e-mail message to the Water Commission. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Temperance Flat

Temperance Flat

Rendering of Temperance Flat Dam

The Need for Temperance Flat

Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir have been under consideration for decades. The proposed project’s site, several miles upstream from Friant Dam, was the location originally studied for a Millerton area reservoir in 1930. The present Friant Dam location was selected to reduce what would have been additional development costs for the much more remote Temperance Flat Dam location. The proposed site is within the upper reaches of Millerton Lake, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Fresno.

Benefits of Temperance Flat

  • Temperance Flat Reservoir would fully protect and even enhance all existing Friant Division water deliveries and uses.

  • New valley water management flexibility would be created, including supply benefits for expanded areas and, through exchanges, other river systems.

  • Temperance Flat would triple the capacity above Friant Dam and for the first time will bring water deliveries to West Side valley farms down the San Joaquin, enhancing the river’s critical eco-system by capturing and storing high-flow water. Currently, Friant is the only major dam in California that doesn’t convey water to downstream users through its river channel.

  • Users of the Temperance Flat project, including environmental agencies, would be able to purchase storage accounts to use when they need water the most. Providing flexibility to control water and access it during dry years.

  • Getting water back into the ground is a critical goal for California. Temperance Flat water could be delivered to additional groundwater basins, to meet sustainability mandates. Opportunities would be created to restore groundwater supplies in the valley’s many disadvantaged communities.

  • Temperance Flat could be used as a supply source in times of extreme water emergencies affecting other regions.


For decades, demands on California’s
existing water infrastructure have been stretched by needs of agriculture, the environment and a growing population.

On the San Joaquin River, the small size of Millerton Lake behind Friant Dam prevents long-term storage of runoff from major rainstorms and big snowpacks. Flood releases are common. More than 17 million acre-feet of water – 34  times the size of Millerton Lake – have been lost to the ocean in the past 16 years alone.


Dam Height

Dam Length

Net Strorage Capacity

Total Storage Capacity

Total Area in Acres

665 FT

3,357 FT

1.26 Million Acre Feet (MAF)

1.33 MAF

5,647 Acres


Temperance Flat has come to be associated with the future of Central California water but its past is intertwined with California’s historic Gold Rush as what was a briefly important camp in the Southern Mines. Gold was discovered in the area (northwest of what is now Auberry) in 1853. As more mines were established, a briefly-rich Fresno County mining town known as Temperance Flat began to take shape in 1857. Its name was hardly accurate. Liquor was a way of life. A saloon was among the original businesses and survived nearly as long as the isolated town, which disappeared by the 1880s.


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